Welcome to my website. I will try to introduce myself shortly. My life started 6 weeks earlier than expected during a stormy night in Uppsala 1987. The sky went “all in” with thunder which caused an major electronic failure at Akademiska hospital. One lucky survival later I’m here.

I started to play the piano, or rather with the piano, when I was 5 years old. At the same time I started to sing to my fathers guitar chords. Since the age of 10 I’ve made my own songs, starting with a budget casio-synth and two tape recorders, making it possible to play the previous record as recording the new “track” at the same time. Thankfully, technology has changed nowadays.

My music

In 2011 I was done with my first own demo album; “Somehow” (Spotify-link), containing 13 tracks with a lot of influences from my childhood. Even if I’m very proud of my first album I always strive to develop myself, so my aim now is to settle a more modern sound. The relatively new song on Spotify is an example of that, “Gillare” (2014), a party tune that’s suppose to be funny but serious at the same time. It’s about the hunt for “likes” in social media with the theme “unrequited love”. Thanks Erik Hellquist for the idea!

So in 2014-15 my focus have changed a little bit to make more modern music than before, both english and swedish. My aim is to keep it more simple, try new genres and always be in progress to develop myself, both with my sound, vocals and my songwriting.
I will never be done.

Background, i.e. deeper “shit” 🙂

My parents have taught me much about music and I’m very thankful for that, mostly by always having the speakers on with all kind of music. That’s why I love a lot of genres. Later in life I began playing with others, especially in High School, when I studied in a music class. A new world opened then as it gave me theory knowledge, but above all the connection with other musicians was the greatest benefit. But High school was a long time ago now (2006). Recently on the other hand (February 2015) I started to play with Jessica Levert, in a trip-hop band playing her songs. It’s a big band with high ambitions and experienced musicians, aswell as just awesome people in the project. The hip-hop producer Viktor Ax creates most of the songs with Jessica. We also have the mixer/manager Micha Weber, drummer Alvaro Svanerö (from the Sideman, earlier The Playboys), keys Emil Ingmar (also member of Orphei drängar), Panos Karathanasis (bass), Magnus Larsson (guitar) and Pauline Svanerö (backing vocals). We’ll see where that project lands, but my main focus will still be to create my own music, both alone and in collaboratives.

I will continue to present some key persons in my life who have encouraged me to make music.

In 2008, I met David Isaksson, a very important person to me, at a concert where we both played as stand-ins with the rockband ‘Black Note Club’ during Valborg in Uppsala. It was a special gig in many ways. First of all there was a big crowd in front of us (50 000 people I’ve heard, even though most of them where inactive listeners). Now he’s one of my best friends and he often helps me out recording new songs, playing bass on almost every one (David got major bass skills). Of course he plays with others as well, for example hip hop records with Ison & Fille, Organismen 12 and Dj Large. Later on, David and I started a band named “Davian” where my father, Per-Åke Persson, plays the drums and Jacob Ansved the guitar. My father has been playing drums his hole life with different groups (for example Soul Pack) and Jacob is a talented guitarist making own wonderful songs and play for others as well, for example ‘Ace of Base’ with the latest album The Golden ratio 2011. Besides playing with my band Davian consisting these people above, I’m lucky to lead a gospel choir in Uppsala named God Tune with the lovely singer/and Musical Artist/ Johanna Halvardsson. The choir experience has really developed my vocals and my piano-technique.

Tack för att du är inne och härjar på min hemsida!


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