New single ”Be with me” out soon, 25/11.

A duet with Johanna Halvardsson will be released 2019-11-25 on my new shorter name André Åhl. Like my page on FB @andreahlofficial to stay tuned for this (button up to the right) or follow this Spotify playlist with my favorite tunes, where ”Be with me” will be added:

Kom tillbaks – My new swedish song

A swedish duet with Sophia Andrew-Nielsen. Listen on Spotify, YouTube below or any other digital channel. Released 2017-05-21.

A unique duet with Charlie Peck

Proud to share this unique project I’ve made with my friend Charlie Peck who sings a duet with himself, before- and 9 months after his testosterone treatment started. Aftonbladet and P4 National (and Uppland & Västmanland) among several international organisations have noticed our release, for example we got a call from Ellen DeGeneres Show. Let’s see if we’ll be invited to the american TV-show, we cross our fingers! See the Youtube video below or listen on Spotify:

New tropical singel: Believe Kuanza

New single out! “Soon we will be online”

2016-06-22. My new single “Soon We Will Be Online” is now released on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and all the streaming services you can imagine.